(Ep. 2.15) Why You Need to Find the Right Tribe with Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes

 January 9, 2018

In this inspired conversation, we’re reflecting on our interview last week with Molly Mandelberg; a tech savvy strategist supporting coaches, healers, change makers, and visionaries to expand their businesses in a way that allows them to reach more people and make more money with less time spent.

The two things that stood out to us the most during that conversation with Molly was that we need to be asking other people what we’re good at, or at least paying attention to the items and topics people are regularly seeking our help with, and why it’s so importance to have the right tribe of people around to support you. Enjoy!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How the opinions of others have impacted Blake’s career path
  • Why sometimes the easiest path can actually be the right path
  • How to utilize skills gained from your hobbies in your business
  • The importance of having people around who can hold you strong
  • Are our distractions just a way to escape our work?
  • Our tendency to seed advice from people we know will slow us down
  • Why we sometimes need professional guidance instead of just using our friends and colleagues
  • Big dreams and goals require big support


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