(Ep. 3) Building Start-Ups, Relationships and Pushing Limits with Travis Marsh

June 7, 2016

Travis Marsh graduated salutatorian from University of Florida in Engineering.  He pursued a successful engineering and sales management career before taking a turn toward the more complex world of what motivates us and what makes us happy. 

He now splits his time between facilitating Interpersonal Communications at Stanford Graduate School of Business, running a coaching company focused on Startup and Entrepreneurs, and building a software company that is trying to bring coaching to more people.  When he’s not working he loves getting out to travel to new countries and whatever adventure sports he can find wherever he can find them.

Listen to the episode as Travis shares:

  • Why he embraces everything that pushes his limits
  • How extreme sports teach him about himself
  • The similarities between extreme sports and business
  • Why engineering alone wasn’t enough for Travis
  • Why Travis thought he would be great at management, and how it really worked out for him
  • What he learned about interpersonal communication that changed him
  • How relationships that we form can help influence our world view
  • Why finding his passion was actually pretty tricky
  • The best, most transformative training Travis ever had
  • What shook him up and changed his life
  • How he learned that self-compassion is important
  • Why he hates to meditate and how it helps him
  • How separating high goals and aspirations from self-compassion is difficult
  • How he learned to be open to ideas and opinions of others

Links and Resources:

Recommended Book:
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

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