(Ep. 19) Connecting to Your Body for Confidence and Power with Shawnrey

September 27, 2016

Shawnrey is an award-winning performer, speaker, dancer, and choreographer, who guides people to live lives that are full of realness, aliveness, and joy.  She discovered and created a mindfulness-based movement methodology that changed her life and is now sharing that gift with others, especially emerging women leaders. 
Shawnrey has performed original work for Justin Timberlake & Madonna, and has led transformational experiences, performed, and taught in 5 continents.  She is committed to having a world of women in their full self-expression, aliveness, and joyful leadership, both on stage and off­stage, inside and out.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Her work: getting people connected to their bodies and their power with confidence and competence
  • Shawnrey’s own transformational journey
  • How mindfulness became a tool for projecting and connecting
  • Hiding from the world and missing out
  • Taking the leap and watching the beauty unfold
  • What she went through and how she can help others
  • Shawnrey’s day: begins with meditation and dance
  • The turning point for her: volunteering in a youth program in Liberia
  • How we connect with others through body language
  • Self-knowledge and tools to use
  • Why Shawnrey’s work is super-impactful for women
  • Playing with masculine and feminine energy
  • How to discover your leadership on an individual basis
  • Cultivating compassion
  • Leadership is confidence
  • Shawnrey’s personal battles with depression, which is actually SUPPRESSION of emotions
  • The difference in THEN and NOW
  • Be the partner in dancing with the universe
  • A favorite quote: “If you can dance, and be free, and not be embarrassed, then you can rule the world.” ---Amy Poehler
  • In the Aftershow, listen as we discuss the affirmation of a recent realization concerning the relationship with our bodies. We talk about treating it with kindness and love and being an engaged follower in the dance of life.

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