(Ep. 48) Creating Magic by Following Passion with Ryan Kane

April 18, 2017

What do you do on your time off of work? What if you could make that your living? Magician Ryan Kane does that very thing. Ryan got into magic tricks as a child and hasn't stopped loving it since. That could be you! Listen to this episode 48 of Motivational Millennial to learn more about how Ryan Kane has grown from card tricks on the street to performing in large theaters in front of hundreds of people.

Ryan is a full time magician and comedian thriving in San Francisco. When he's not performing for companies like Louis Vuitton, Wells Fargo and Google, he is headlining his own monthly show in San Francisco for theatre goers and helpless San Francisco tourists.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What Ryan is up to now and what he loves about it
  • How is theater production different from preforming on the street
  • Why does Ryan love magic and how did he get into it
  • What Ryan has learned from his days preforming on the streets
  • How Ryan has shifted from street performing to theater performing
  • What is Ryan’s favorite part of being a magician
  • How Ryan has had to grow to achieve his biggest dream
  • How Ryan lives off of magic as his only income
  • Which one of Ryan’s accomplishments surprised him the most
  • The biggest challenge Ryan has had to overcome
  • What is the difference between skills and degrees
  • What advice Ryan would give fellow millennials
  • Has Ryan had moments of doubt?
  • Common challenges that members of the millennial generation face and how they can overcome them
  • Why most magicians are men
  • What is the roll of a magician’s assistant?


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Recommended Books:
Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer

Connect with Ryan:
Ryan Kane Magic