(Ep. 45) Transforming Your Inner Voice with Rob Reynosa

March 28, 2017

Are you struggling with paying attention and listening to your heart? Do you focus too much on what other people think than what you really want? Rob Reynosa is here to help. Rob is dedicated to helping people empower themselves and come face-to-face with their struggles and doubts. Rob has gone through the same struggles you may be dealing with. Today on Motivational Millennial, we will be talking with Rob about listening to your inner voice and following your heart.

Rob Reynosa is the Founder and Creator of the #1 Conscious Lifestyle Brand There Is No Ceiling aka THINC. He is a Conscious Creator, an artist and a visionary who has dedicated his life to helping humanity gain clarity about who we truly are and to help humanity understand and use the greatest power known to Mankind - the Infinite Power of their Mind.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What Rob Reynosa is working on right now
  • What inspires Rob while he writes his book
  • When and how Rob got into personal development and growth
  • The kind of experiences Rob had while he was trying to turn his life around
  • What Rob had to do to make his dream happen
  • What is Rob Reynosa's dream?
  • How you can "let go" and follow your heart
  • Why people have a hard time "letting go"
  • What does "working with your inner voice" mean?
  • How you know that the voice you are listening to is your highest self
  • How can you identify your low points and use them as a gift?
  • What kind of challenges most Millennials face
  • How you can stay bold when people are critical or unfair


Links and Resources:

Recommended Books:
The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Connect with Rob:
There Is No Ceiling
THINC on Instagram and Youtube
Conscious Creators group on Facebook