(Ep. 41) Tapping into Flow States with Ra.Be

February 28, 2017

From collegiate athletes, to snowboarders, to commissioned visual artists, to yogis, we all have something in common with international energy healer and hip-hop artist, Ra.Be. Using the medium of freestyle rap as an extension of his efforts “to grow and to learn more and more of who I am.” Whether making music, working as a coach and mentor or doing any of several different kinds of yoga, he’s constantly practicing what he refers to as “the art of fulfillment in the day-to-day that allows the artistry to come through.” Join your hosts, Blake Brandes and Ivy LaClair, while we explore different facets of this jack-of-all-trades, and bring inspiration and motivational encouragement right to you. 

What you'll hear in this episode:

•      Finding specific things you’re passionate about

•      Being grateful to be alive

•      Having supportive people to guide you through your journey

•      The key elements of living and the art of fulfillment

•      Recognizing genuine aspects of life

•      The importance of cultivating your practice/ influencing and benefiting others with it

•      Acting on inspiration you get from different mediums

•      Recognizing where you belong

•      The greatest riches and resources Ra-be has recognized in his life

•      Collaborations Ra-be has been able to participate in with people who have also recognized their passion

•      How to combine what you love and have an impact

•      How to keep your drive

•      Surprising moments in Ra-be’s life

•      Overcoming challenges

•      Questioning yourself and learning how to let your doubts go

•      Follow the quality of life you want to live

•      Finding a path worth pursuing despite hardships

•      Following your highest excitement

•      Bringing what you want into being

•      Midpoints in following your bliss

•      Being moved by the intention of your project

•      The art of asking

•      How to get to know yourself

•      Challenges of the real you & social media you

•      Finding the joy of who you are in the process

Links and Resources:

Connect with Ra.Be:

Ra.Be recommends reading: Theta Healing by Vianna Steinfeld

Website:  Taptheflow.com

Facebook: ra.be

Soundcloud:  soundcloud.com/ra-be-333