Ep. 1: Adventure Travel, Life Purpose and Self-Care with Jennine Cohen

May 31, 2016

Jennine Cohen is a Latin America luxury and adventure travel expert as seen in Travel & Leisure, YahooTravel, Fortune, ABC, CBS, Travel Weekly, and much more. Jennine is committed to curating once-in-a-lifetime journeys, and travels to the southern hemisphere on exploratory trips several times a year to uncover insider and unique experiences. Currently, she is the Managing Director at GeoEx, a high-end adventure travel company that crafts wanderlust-fueled journeys to the ends of the earth.

Ever since her first forays in Latin America more than a decade ago—living in Costa Rica and guiding rafting trips—Jennine returns several times each year. “There’s so much to discover,” she says, “so many ways to delve deeper.” From Cuba to Patagonia, Jennine seeks out exceptional insider experiences and researches all the details, including how to seamlessly connect remote regions and which hotel room has the best view. She also keeps an eye on conservation, tracking emerging eco-lodges and serving on the board of directors for the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA).

Listen to the episode as Jennine also shares:

  • Why she’s passionate about her work
  • All the activities she gets to participate in on the adventure trips
  • The defining moment in her life
  • Why she wanted to have the opposite of a “consumption” lifestyle
  • How a snowy winter day and a phone call from a friend set her into motion
  • How she learned to embrace uncertainty
  • Why she got her feet wet with Outward Bound
  • How she got her work to come into alignment with her values
  • The biggest challenge she faced on her career journey
  • How a volunteer gig led her to the job of her dreams
  • The role mentors have played in her success
  • How reaching out for help can benefit you
  • Why setting values is more important than setting goals
  • How kindness and respect can be keys to business success
  • Why you should surround yourself with people you respect and admire
  • When you welcome feedback, you grow the most.
  • Never tie your personal brand to just one company
  • How to integrate your personal and professional brand in alignment with values
  • Living a simple life is a key to freedom
  • The trappings of consumption can keep you from living the life of your dreams
  • Living intentionally can lead to a very high satisfaction with your career
  • Trading money for time in traditional employment has shifted to trading money for results
  • The 2 components of Jennine’s successful morning ritual
  • Why she’s able to stay grounded and mindful by these 2 practices
  • Best advice - max out your vacation time!
  • The thing Jennine was afraid to do but learned it anyway

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