Interviews with inspiring Millennials who are living life with a sense of purpose and achieving their dreams.

Co-hosts Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes speak every week with leaders, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, altruists and other Millennials living life with a sense of purpose and achieving their dreams. We explore the discovery of their passions, the beauty in the pursuit of their dreams, and how they overcome challenges on their paths.

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We’re back for the final episode of the Motivational Millennial podcast. Yes, it’s true … it’s time to say goodbye.

If you’ve been a listener of the show for a while now, it’s very clear that we believe in a growth mindset. It’s because of this belief that we feel it’s time to end our Motivational Millennial journey and begin new ones. Keep Reading >>

June 5, 2018

(Ep. 2.36)  Taking Ownership of Our Lives with Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes

The time has come for us to officially wrap up this season of the Motivational Millennial podcast. In this special finale episode, we talk about how we’ve grown this past season; with an eye towards how we can help other people through their own growth process, of course. Keep Reading >>

During our conversation Jackie Rotman talked about the idea of restorative justice and how it can be used to not only heal the survivors of sexual harm, but also to heal the offenders. It’s this idea of healing that really stood out us and that’s why we’re diving more into this topic today. Keep Reading >>

Jackie Rotman is the Founder of Everybody Dance Now!; a national youth development organization. After a traumatic event, Jackie shifted her focus to helping survivors of sexual harm and advocating for sexual empowerment for women. Keep Reading >>

In last week’s episode, we spoke with Lily Fontas; a wellness coach and educator who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their own terms.

While there were a few things that stood out to us from our conversation with Lily, the theme we’ve decided to center this inspired conversation around is the idea of a marathon versus a sprint. Enjoy! Keep Reading >>

Lily Fontas is a wellness coach and educator who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their own terms. After struggling with a binge eating disorder and nearly burning out as a classroom teacher, she turned to bodybuilding for stress relief by combining strength training and positive reinforcement. Keep Reading >>

In last’s week’s episode with Chelann Gienger, we talked about her incredibly entrepreneurial journey that saw her open a brick and mortar business when she was only 18 years old, why it’s important to see everything in your business as a growth opportunity, why we need to take “extreme ownership” of our lives, and so much more. Keep Reading >>

Chelann Gienger was recently named one of the top 40 millennials to follow in 2018 by the Huffington Post. Chelann is a serial entrepreneur who owns the NUYU Juice Bar in Washington state, is the host of the Entrepreneur Before 25 podcast, and the author of Dear Millennial,: A Compass to Defining Your Unique Purpose, Pursuing a Life of Fulfillment, and Building a Legacy. Keep Reading >>

In this week’s episode, we’re reflecting on our conversation last week with Gregg Clunis from the Tiny Leaps, Big Changes podcast, and diving into his struggle with understanding what part of him is still on performance mode and what part is who he truly is. Keep Reading >>

Gregg Clunis is a content creator, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s also the creator and Host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes; a top-ranked self-help podcast with over 2 million downloads. Keep Reading >>

Last week, we had a great conversation with Kalyna Miletic about how to create a lifestyle business you love. In this episode, we’re going to specifically reflect on the insights Kalyna had about how we show up on social media and the role that social media plays in our lives. Keep Reading >>

Kalyna Miletic is a certified coach and the founder of KickStart Your Work. After seven years of studying what makes people happy, how people think, and working with millennials in 17 different countries, Kalyna developed a signature system that teaches the six keys to building your career in a way that will ensure you enjoy the work you're doing every step of the way. Keep Reading >>

In this episode, we reflect on our conversation with Daniela Plattner; a leadership coach and the founder of The Future of Feminine. The two main themes of that conversation were intuition and purpose, so that’s what we’re diving more into today. Keep Reading >>

Daniela Plattner is a leadership coach and the founder of The Future of Feminine. She's dedicated to helping individuals, communities, and organizations maximize their capacity to achieve their goals. Keep Reading >>

A theme that stood out to us from the conversation with Dr. Laymon Hicks was how our experiences, upbringing, and community culture shape our view of what is possible for ourselves and our lives. Keep Reading ››

Dr. Laymon Hicks is a youth motivational speaker and author. He's offered keynote addresses and workshops at more than 150 schools and student conferences in 45 states for over 350,000 young people. Keep Reading ››

In this episode, we’re reflecting on our conversation from last week with Patricia Echeverria; a transformational coach and creative catalyst. Patricia brought up some very interesting ideas around how our mindset has the power to change our perception of our reality. Keep Reading ››

Patricia Echeverria is a transformational coach and creative catalyst. She's the founder of the Creative Courage Club; a platform dedicated to maximizing our creative human potential. Keep Reading ››

Last week Laura Renner talked about how, through the course of starting and growing her business, she learned it was okay to have multiple passions and that she needed to follow her own set of rules. We loved both concepts so much that we’re diving more into them this week! Keep Reading ››

Laura Renner is the Founder of Freedom Makers; which helps military spouses find flexible work with small businesses. Laura discusses why the concept of freedom is so important to her both on a personal and professional level, how Laura handles being multi-passionate, why it’s important to live by your own set of rules, and much more. Keep Reading ››

QuHarrison Terry's interview was one of our most scientific interviews todate and we’re continuing that theme today by giving our thoughts on Transhumanism, our quest for perfection, the importance of making mistakes, and how technology is potentially hindering our personal growth as human beings. Keep Reading ››

QuHarrison Terry is a serial entrepreneur who was recently named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Technology. He’s the Co-Founder and President of VNM USA, the Co-Founder and CEO of 23VIVI, the Marketing Direct at Redox, and is known for his marketing work at EatStreet. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that he’s been able to accomplish all this by his early 20’s. Keep Reading ››

The two things that stood out to us the most during that conversation with Molly Mandelberg was that we need to be asking other people what we’re good at, or at least paying attention to the items and topics people are regularly seeking our help with, and why it’s so importance to have the right tribe of people around to support you. Keep Reading ››

Molly Mis a tech savvy strategist supporting coaches, healers, change makers, and visionaries to expand their businesses in a way that allows them to reach more people and make more money with less time spent. Keep Reading ››

Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Guberti; who has written over 18 books and is the host of the Breakthrough Success Podcast where he’s had guests like Seth Godin, Neil Patel, and Ray Edwards. It was while he was speaking about some of his most successful guests and how they all have systems in place, that our interests were particularly piqued. Keep Reading ››

As a young child, Marc Guberti survived a life-threatening illness. As a young millennial, Marc has written 18 books, and thousands of blog posts, educating millions of people on how to build their own digital marketing empires. Keep Reading ››

Last week, we spoke with Anna Nti-Asare, and we were really inspired by her transparency in talking about all the times she wasn’t able to obtain the goals she set for herself and how she valued those times since they made her work harder and appreciate her successes even more. Keep Reading ››

Anna Nti-Asare is a writer, teacher, counselor, a graduate of both Stanford and Cambridge, and is on the road to obtaining a PhD at Cambridge as well! Anna focuses her efforts on gender and race issues in the United States with an emphasis on how those issues relate to the country’s youth and pop culture. Keep Reading ››

In this episode, we’re reflecting on our conversation from last week with the incredible Julia Price. One of the main things that stood out to us as Julia was talking about her experiences in the music industry was how she felt more doors open when you follow your passion and purpose. Keep Reading ››

Have you ever experienced something so emotionally painful you weren’t sure you could come back from it? We all face our own challenges and our guest this week, Julia Price, is no exception.

Julia is a musician with millions of YouTube views under her belt, was a top-rated Viner, and has been a featured artist on Good Morning America. Keep Reading ››

While talking with Caleb Arring and Matthew VanHorn last week we were particularly fascinated with how they were able to change their perspectives and see a direct result in their business. So often we convince ourselves we’re not capable of accomplishing the things we want when there’s actually nothing stopping us but ourselves. In this episode, we’re going to dig a little deeper into this topic. Keep Reading ››

Caleb Arring and Matthew VanHorn are a dynamic power couple who are also successful business mentors for LGBTQ entrepreneurs.  Keep Reading ››

During our conversation last week with Loren Trlin, in which we talked about how she helps young people figure out their purpose, we realized a common theme in that process was trial and error.

This might have stood out to us because we’ve both used trial and error, whether intentionally or not, to figure out our own purposes. Keep Reading ››

 October 24, 2017

(Ep. 2.4) Are You a Worrier or a Warrior? with Loren Trlin

Loren Trlin figured out her life purpose after burning out as a lawyer, launching 3 unsuccessful
businesses, and embarking on a "Find My Why" experiment. Keep Reading ››

Welcome to the first official stand-alone "after show" episode!

If you listened to our interview last week with the ultra-spiritual JP Sears, or even if you’re just familiar
with his hilarious videos, you know that JP has found the balance between being funny and making some very important observations about our society. Keep Reading ››

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be "ultra-spiritual"? This week’s guest, JP Sears, can absolutely guide you. JP is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker, and world traveler, whose work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. Keep Reading ››

We’ve made it! We’re officially back with Season 2! Did you miss us? Thanks to the incredible feedback we’ve received from our amazing listeners, we’ve decided to change up the format of the show a little bit. Don’t worry, we’re explaining everything in today’s episode. Keep Reading ››

Welcome to the Season 1 Finale! Today we’re talking about how we’ve grown in the podcast, our lives, and our businesses---all around the theme of vulnerability. Let’s explore the topic together! Keep Reading ››

Do you have a dream? How much would you love to see that dream become a reality? Rapper and singer, Latisha Di Venuto, has had an amazing journey in the pursuit of her acting career, recently landing a role on HBO's Girls. Listen in today, to find out about all the ups, downs and challenges that Latisha's faced, in the process of realizing her dream to become an actor. Keep Reading ››

Do you ever feel like you aren't where you are supposed to be in life? Do you feel like the world has left you behind? It's during these times that we need faith the most. Listen to hear how career coach Evangelia Leclaire is navigating a season of faith while balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. Keep Reading ››

Is there something that you loved as a child and never stopped loving? For Coyote Peterson, his love and connection to animals has never left him. In this episode, we are interviewing Coyote about his how his passion and the support of his team have led him to success. Tune in to listen to the incredible stories that have shaped his journey. Keep Reading ››

Do you feel like since you've been doing something for so long that you can’t do something new? Feel like you can’t transition into a new vocation? Seasoned actor, Lee Norris, shares the value of creating your own rules and advocating for yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. "Don't let anyone put you in a box!" Lee says, and he sure hasn't. Keep Reading ››

If you enjoy hearing about super talented, high achievers, listen in to today's show with Blake and Ivy's dynamic guest, Jules Schroeder, a very passionate and wide awake individual and the founder of Unconventional Life, a podcast posted on Forbes Under 30 Channel, which is about millennials who make a living in unconventional ways. Keep Reading ››

What do you do on your time off of work? What if you could make that your living? Magician Ryan Kane does that very thing. Ryan got into magic tricks as a child and hasn't stopped loving it since. That could be you! Listen to this episode 48 of Motivational Millennial to learn more about how Ryan Kane has grown from card tricks on the street to performing in large theaters in front of hundreds of people. Keep Reading ››

Do you feel connected to the wilderness? Maybe Wild Awakenings is for you! Skylar Wilson is working to make a wonderful experience for people who want to connect with the wilderness and lose themselves in it. Listen to episode 47 of Motivational Millennial to learn more about what Skylar is doing and how you can be a part of it. Keep Reading ››

You always hear the phrase, “trust your gut” but have you ever heard from someone who lives it out choice by choice? It’s hard to trust anything with so many people breathing down your neck and telling you it isn’t a good decision. You forget what your gut said in the first place. Well, today’s guest is here to tell you how she trusts her gut in every decision she makes. Erin Mays doesn’t wait around; she goes where her gut leads. Keep Reading ››

Are you struggling with paying attention and listening to your heart? Do you focus too much on what other people think than what you really want? Rob Reynosa is here to help. Rob is dedicated to helping people empower themselves and come face-to-face with their struggles and doubts. Keep Reading ››

If you love cutting edge performance and experiencing some of the incredible things that uniquely creative individuals are able to do, using only their bodies, listen ito today's show, with Blake and Ivy's dynamic guest, Superdope Beatboxer and Theatrical Wizard, Kaila Mullady. Keep Reading ››

Step of out your comfort zone and get yourself where you want to be. Learn to love yourself enough to get out there, and keep leveling up to be the best you can be, so you can keep moving forward toward success. Grow your skills to better your lifestyle. These are just a few of the success tips that today’s guest shares. You can’t listen to this episode and not be changed! Keep Reading ››

I’m sure we would all like to know all the answers to life, the universe, and well, everything. Considering a lack of information is part of being human, we’ll never know it all. We do have people who can answer many of these existential questions about health, perseverance, and reframing our circumstances, such as today’s guest - Avital Miller. Keep Reading ››

From collegiate athletes, to snowboarders, to commissioned visual artists, to yogis, we all have something in common with international energy healer and hip-hop artist, Ra.Be. Using the medium of freestyle rap as an extension of his efforts “to grow and to learn more and more of who I am.” Keep Reading ››

Peter Hollens is an American pop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With 1.5 million subscribers, his videos have reached a quarter of a billion views on FaceBook and YouTube since 2011.  Keep Reading ››

With all the time we spend focusing on all the negativity in the world, sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air to focus on all the love and passion for change we all share. Today our guest is an individual who radiates love, passion and compassion for others and specifically students, Dr. Julia Rafal-Baer. Keep Reading ››

Are you motivated by the success of others? Do you love hearing from entrepreneurs who have made it really big, really fast? If so, listen in today, as Blake and Ivy talk to their dynamic guest, Chandler Bolt, who grew his Self Publishing business from zero to $1,320,000 in just eleven months. Keep Reading ››

Our guest today is John Hankey, the founder of Mindful Test Taking. His journey includes a math and economics background, working on Wall Street, and now----mindfulness and life coaching.  Keep Reading ››   

If you're looking for the right motivation and support to put yourself or your business 'out there' on social media, or for encouragement to break you away from the limitations of procrastination, join Blake, Ivy and Calvin Wayman, their engaging and charismatic guest on today's show, as they urge you step into your power and be happy. Keep Reading ››

Noorain Khan is the program officer at the Ford Foundation, but also serves on the boards of the Girl Scouts of the USA, the Association of American Rhodes Scholars, and Libraries Without Borders. Keep Reading ››

Jessy Tomsko is a folk and pop singer and songwriter who is based in NYC, but originally hails from Philadelphia. Keep Reading ››

Tom is in the self publishing business. He is the author of the international best selling book, The Kindle Publishing Bible, as well as twenty six other books. Keep Reading ››

For this final episode of 2016, we’re shaking things up a bit. Instead of interviewing a guest, we are focusing on reflection---on the change, growth, and transformation we have experienced during this last year. Keep Reading ››

Our guest today is Matthew Fredericks, who is a long-time friend of Blake’s, and is now the Assistant Pastor of Union Church, the oldest church in Hong Kong. Keep Reading ››

Maria Z is a singer, songwriter, and talented powerhouse who has been featured on national TV networks and performed alongside some of music's greatest legends. 

Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle, are a young, successful entrepreneurial couple who built a successful company as they established their marriage. Keep Reading ››

Blake is a 7-time TEDx speaker and is the author of “The Campus Life Guide.” Keep Reading ››

Jake Ballentine is a national award winning speaker and musician, and is the author of “Your Number One Goal.” Keep Reading ››

Frank Jay Porcaro is an International Speaker and Coach as well as the Co-Founder of an advanced communication retreat company called International Tribe Design. Keep Reading ››

Mallory Hagan won the prestigious job of Miss America in January of 2013. Keep Reading ››

Juliet Lam Kuehnle is a mental health therapist with her own private practice in Charlotte, NC. Keep Reading ››

Peta Kelly, a speaker and coach, is a millennial for millennials and a homie for the homies. Keep Reading ››

As an entrepreneur and communications strategist, Holley Murchison uses her passions for the arts, education, and global culture to push the envelope.

Keep Reading ››

Dan "The Man" Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author.

Keep Reading ››

Adam Rosendahl is a creative facilitator, event producer and DJ based in Oakland, CA. In 2012 he founded LATE NITE ART, LLC...

Keep Reading ››

Shawnrey is an award-winning performer, speaker, dancer, and choreographer, who guides people to live lives that are full of realness, aliveness, and joy.

Keep Reading ››

Charles Carmody is currently the Director of The Charleston Music Hall in South Carolina, which holds over 200 events per year. 

Keep Reading ››

Dr. “Bowtie” Todd Jenkins, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Bowtie Leadership & Development, Inc., a leadership management and personal development firm with a focus in bringing diverse people together to increase individual or organizational productivity and performance.

Keep Reading ››

Margaret Kramer is the co-founder and vice chair of South Carolina Coalition for Overcoming Eating Disorders (SC-COED).

Keep Reading ››

Dr. Brittney M. Cofield-Poole is a budding community psychologist who believes the possibilities available to facilitate transformative change are both a humbling and challenging opportunity to uncover new methods of empowerment.

Keep Reading ››

Dave is a Professional Speaker, a Network Marketing Professional, and a Choral Conductor.

Keep Reading ››

After practicing law in NYC for an international law firm for nearly 5 years, Lindsey Frischer left the practice and her home to explore the world.

Keep Reading ››

Robin Peter Zander is a best-selling author, educator and strategist with a diverse background ranging from management consulting to the circus.

Keep Reading ››

ami kim is an international songwriter, vocalist, producer/composer and educator.

Keep Reading ››

Colleen Kinder is a travel writer and photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, A Public Space, The, National Geographic Traveler,, Creative Nonfiction, and The New York Times Travel Section.

Keep Reading ››

Andrew Thomas is a co-founder of SkyBell Video Doorbell, a smart home security company with a video doorbell that lets you see who’s at your door from a smartphone.

Keep Reading ››

Sarah Maslin Nir is a staff reporter for the New York Times, covering Brooklyn. She is the author of Unvarnished, a 13 month investigation into the working conditions of manicurists in New York City. 

Keep Reading ››

PG Sittenfeld currently serves on Cincinnati's City Council, where he chairs the Education & Entrepreneurship Committee and was the youngest Councilmember ever elected in Cincinnati.

Keep Reading ››

Joe Martinez is an editorial and portrait photographer living and working in New York City. 

Keep Reading ››

Dr. Mary Hemphill is a dynamic, transformative leader and community builder in the K-12 Education sphere, and is the co-author of the book Educational Leaders in a Multicultural Society.

Keep Reading ››

Lauren Burgoyne is a broadcast journalist, TV host, speaker, and writer. Her credits include being the founder of The Greater Purpose Project and the Executive Producer of Greater Purpose Productions. 

Keep Reading ››

Travis graduated salutatorian from University of Florida in Engineering.  He pursued a successful engineering and sales management career before taking a turn toward the more complex world of what motivates us and what makes us happy. 

Keep Reading ››

Sarah Stillman is a staff writer at The New Yorker and a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she directs the Global Migration Program. She has written on topics ranging from debtors' prisons to amateur drone builders and from Mexico’s drug cartels to Bangladesh’s garment-factory workers.

Keep Reading ››

Jennine Cohen is a Latin America luxury and adventure travel expert as seen in Travel & Leisure, YahooTravel, Fortune, ABC, CBS, Travel Weekly, and much more. Jennine is committed to curating once-in-a-lifetime journeys, and travels to the southern hemisphere on exploratory trips several times a year to uncover insider and unique experiences.

Keep Reading ››

This very first episode of the Motivational Millennial Podcast provides an overview of the goals and mission of the podcast. Co-hosts Blake Brandes and Ivy LaClair share their stories of personal development and overcoming challenges, and why the Motivational Millennial community is important to them.

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