(Ep. 7) Improving Lives, Changing Policy + Public Service with PG Sittenfeld

July 5, 2016

PG Sittenfeld currently serves on Cincinnati's City Council, where he chairs the Education & Entrepreneurship Committee and was the youngest Councilmember ever elected in Cincinnati. He was a 2016 candidate for the Democratic nomination for Ohio's United States Senate seat - a race in which he finished 2nd, earning nearly a quarter million votes in his first bid for statewide office.
PG also co-founded the non-profit Community Learning Center Institute, which included an innovative proposal to turn school buildings into around-the-clock learning hubs featuring adult education, co-located health and dental facilities, and recreational programs.

Listen to the episode as PG shares:

  • Why PG got into politics
  • Why local politics can actually affect the political discourse on a national level
  • The issues that PG and other millennials care about that motivated him to get involved in politics
  • Why leading by example is important
  • Are millennials wrongly stereotyped as cynical and apathetic about politics?
  • Why millennials may feel frustrated by politics and is it a justified feeling?
  • How young people in elected office can provide much needed diversity
  • How PG wants to inspire other millennials to get into public service
  • What’s fun about being an elected official
  • The 2 roles that PG feels are important in his political career
  • Why a community based approach to improving people’s lives is important
  • How a holistic approach to education is really a whole child approach
  • Why millennials are really outward facing in their outlook
  • Lessons learned from his failed Senate bid
  • Positive outcomes PG accomplished by being in the campaign
  • Why millennials crave work that has meaning

Links and Resources:

Recommended Books:
Political biographies (i.e. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson)

Mentioned Article:
“On My 30th Birthday, 30 Tips for Your 20s” by PG Sittenfeld

Connect with PG:
twitter - @pgsittenfeld