(Ep. 23) Leading Millennials from Burnout to Freedom with Peta Kelly

October 24, 2016

Peta Kelly, a speaker and coach, is a millennial for millennials and a homie for the homies. The invitation on her website couldn’t be clearer. She says, “I’ve built this space for you, for us, and for all the beautiful, aspiring, badass souls of our generation. Young change makers who want to lead, live, earn and give. In very big and unconventional ways.”

Peta encourages authenticity, creativity, and conscious game changers through The New Way Live events, her barefoot speeches, the spirit, Jeaniius, and more.

Listen to the episode as Peta also discusses:

  • Why she left her scholarship PhD program
  • How network marketing helped her achieve her dreams
  • How to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the financial
  • Who Jeaniius is and the role she plays in Peta’s life
  • The true message of freedom that she shares
  • How you can do something new and different in complete freedom and alignment
  • Peta’s defining moment and how it involves masculine energy
  • How the “full out” or “passed out” modes don’t define her any longer
  • Why she’s called to lead people into their bliss
  • Why her adrenals don’t get along with the 5am club
  • Conscious entrepreneurs are working towards a vision, not just money
  • How “Spirit” impacts her business decisions
  • Why fear comes up when you try to do anything meaningful
  • What a spirit routine is


Links and Resources:

Recommended Books:
Essentialism - Greg McKeown
Whatever Arises, Love That - Matt Kahn
The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks
Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life - Dr. Wayne Dyer
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Connect with Peta:
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