(Ep. 2.20) Maximizing Your Creative Potential with Patricia Echeverria

February 13, 2018

Patricia Echeverria is a transformational coach and creative catalyst. She's the founder of the Creative Courage Club; a platform dedicated to maximizing our creative human potential. Her passion for design and social impact has led her to create global projects including a conflict resolution scheme in the Korean demilitarized zone, the redesign of a rural Indian village, library of the future in South Central L.A., Design Your Life workshops for college students, and the Creative Courage Summit.

Patricia currently works with inspired individuals who want to turn their vision into action. She helps them to overcome fears, limitations, excuses, and blocks so they can finally turn their most outrageous and inspiring creative ideas into reality.

In this episode, we discuss what Patricia to helping others tap into their own creativity, how she realized she created her own reality and had the power to change it, the main personal development challenge she helps others overcome, the importance of taking imperfect action, and more. Enjoy!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How Patricia helps people maximize their creative potential
  • What led Patricia to realize she had the power to help others tap into their own creativity
  • What courage means to Patricia and the role it plays in her life
  • When Patricia realized she was creating her own reality and she had the ability to change it
  • The main personal development challenge Patricia sees her people struggle with
  • Finding clarity through action
  • Why taking imperfect action is better than taking no action at all

Links and Resources:

Patricia’s Website
Patricia’s Complimentary Visioning Session