Ivy LaClair: Ivy is a personal transformation coach trained in the co-active model at the renowned Coaches Training Institute. She is co-host of the Motivational Millennial Podcast, a seasoned facilitator, and author of the personal transformation guide, Motivating Your Millennial Mind. As co-founder of the personal development company, Motivational Millennial, Ivy is an expert in change, transformation, and Millennial success.

She is passionate about helping people live their most fulfilling lives, and believes whole-heartedly in the power every person has to create a life they love. email:


Dr. Blake Brandes: Blake is co-founder of Motivational Millennial and co-host of the Motivational Millennial Podcast. Blake received the Marshall Scholarship, one of the most competitive postgraduate awards in the world, which he used to complete his Master's and PhD on hip-hop and global youth cultures. An international keynote and TEDx speaker, Blake helps Millennials and people who care about Millennials step into their power to create meaningful change in their lives through coaching and workshops.

Blake also delivers unique hip-hop motivational assemblies at schools and universities across the country. Check out his motivational speaking work at


Jacob Martin, Director of Research and Analytics: Jacob embraces thinking, observing, and re-thinking. Jacob Martin has created systems to coordinate retailers, educational institutions, nonprofits, and volunteers as a data systems coordinator. As communications project manager at a nonprofit benefiting children, he organized and contributed to national media campaigns.

At Arkansas Tech University, Jacob graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in both journalism and English. The love of communication arose naturally from his need to understand ideas and others' perspectives at a fundamental level. Jacob writes poetry and songs, always making time to play them with his librarian/mechanic wife, Jenny, on the drums.


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Kristen Martin, Director of Online Community Engagement: Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arkansas Tech University. While working on her first musical there as the assistant director and stage manager, she realized her aptitude for organization and managing her peers and teachers. She has continued to use what she learned there in every venture she has pursued while cultivating a deep affection for art in all forms.

In her varied career, she has coordinated, improved, and developed new national and local projects and programs. She appreciates brevity, honesty, and heart in communications and uses these attributes in her copywriting and editing.