(Ep. 35) Finding Your Dream Job with Noorain Khan

January 17, 2017

Welcome to an inspiring show with our guest, Noorain Khan. Although Noorain admits that she now has her “dream job,” it wasn’t an easy or clear path in getting there. Noorain is the program officer at the Ford Foundation, but also serves on the boards of the Girl Scouts of the USA, the Association of American Rhodes Scholars, and Libraries Without Borders. Her former positions include working on the global public policy team at Google, being a contributing researcher at Jezebel, working as a corporate attorney, and serving as Chief of Staff to the founder of Teach for America. Noorain currently co-hosts In Theory, a radio show and podcast that focuses on academic theories in real life. Noorain shares what she has learned on her upward path to fulfillment and success. Join us!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why Noorain loves her philanthropic work at the Ford Foundation
  • Growing and changing over the years through different positions
  • The inner dialogue and motivation you need to get through difficult moments
  • Looking for the job you are most passionate about
  • Navigating through the uncertainty and making decisions
  • Why Noorain wanted to be involved in Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Figuring out what resonates the most with you
  • Why Noorain’s biggest dream involves where she is RIGHT NOW
  • Why Noorain was surprised at the success of the 100th anniversary celebration of GSA
  • Overcoming self-doubt and “I’m not ready”
  • Seeing the world through many-layered identities
  • Describing your identity
  • The complexities of privilege
  • Noorain’s secret passion: personal development and self-help
  • The value of accountability
  • Noorain’s advice to other millennials: “People are afraid to move around in jobs at the beginning of their careers. You’re able to figure out what you are good at. Don’t be fearful of experimentation. Take something and own it as yours and take full responsibility for it.”
  • A life-changing book? The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Hear why she reads it every year!)
  • In the After Show, we discuss Noorain’s advice about finding the balance of things you’re good at and things that are challenging. We talk about self-care and why switching careers can help you learn more and narrow down your interests.

Links and Resources:

Connect with Noorain:
Noorain's podcast, In Theory: www.intheory.us
Find Noorain on Twitter

Recommended Book:
The Autobiography of Malcolm X