(Ep. 2.14) The Importance of Not Playing It Small with Molly Mandelberg

January 2, 2018

Molly Mandelberg is a tech savvy strategist supporting coaches, healers, change makers, and visionaries to expand their businesses in a way that allows them to reach more people and make more money with less time spent.

With the heart of a writer and the brain of an engineer, Molly is uniquely qualified to support her people not only to connect the dots and tackle the tech but also to craft their deep work into inspiring content and hot copy.

As a business strategist and coach, she is known for taking the overwhelm out of big exciting projects, so they can be birthed into the world and received by those who need them.

In this episode, we dive into the struggles Molly faced with her business, the importance of realizing the game is big so you should play small, why it’s critical to surround yourself with a community of supportive like-minded people, and much more. Enjoy!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How Molly decided she wanted to focus on helping people with the tech side of their business
  • The ways that Molly has grown since starting her own business
  • The moment Molly was brought to tears because of her business
  • The common non-tech struggles Molly helps her clients overcome
  • How Molly still struggles in her business even though she’s attained success
  • The number one system that’s helped Molly in her business
  • Molly’s two main tips for new millennial entrepreneurs
  • The importance of finding your tribe
  • How Molly uses travel to further her personal growth

Links and Resources:

Connect with Molly:
Molly’s Website
Molly’s Tarot Quiz for Female Entrepreneurs