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Discover Your Talent Podcast- Blake Brandes
Thank you, Don Hutcheson, for featuring co-founder Blake Brandes on the Discover Your Talent Podcast! Listen as Blake shares three steps to success, the story of his hip-hop album dissertation, his most powerful lesson, and more. Listen to the episode >>


Entrepreneur Exchange - Ivy LaClair
Musings on Millennials. Are today’s millennials tomorrow’s entrepreneurs? Listen to this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange as hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller are joined by Ivy LaClair, one of the founders of the Motivational Millennial, a Berkley, CA company which works with students to help them explore their entrepreneurial options. Listen here >>

Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Blake Brandes
Blake was featured on the Change Your Story, Change Your Life podcast! Check out Blake's reflections on how boredom is a choice, how negative thoughts can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, the power of hip-hop and motivation, the growth mindset, and much more! Listen to the conversation >>

Discover Your Talent Podcast - Ivy LaClair
We are excited to share an awesome conversation with our co-founder Ivy LaClair on the Discover Your Talent Podcast! In this interview, Ivy discusses her journey from shy introvert to Millennial Success Coach and how you can love yourself even when your external circumstances are extremely challenging.
Listen to the Episode >>

Embracing Intensity Podcast - Ivy LaClair
Ivy joined Aurora Remember on the Embracing Intensity Podcast to talk about changing the public discourse around Millennials and her personal journey. From the ways that emotional intensity can provide focus and momentum to the challenges that come with intensity in relationships, Ivy shares a profound perspective on the power we all have to use our intensity for good.
Listen to the Episode >>

Uncontained Podcast - Blake Brandes
Thanks so much to Aaron "Static" Render and the Uncontained Podcast for interviewing Blake about his unlikely journey in the music industry, helping Millennials change their stories to live empowered lives, and the artistic merits of Young Thug.
Listen to the Episode >>


Appeared in Hickory Daily record on april 7, 2017

Appeared in Hickory Daily record on april 7, 2017