(Ep. 31) Servant Leadership with Matthew Fredericks

December 20, 2016

Our guest today is Matthew Fredericks, who is a long-time friend of Blake’s. Blake and Matthew met in college at Wake Forest, and then Matthew moved on to Princeton. His next project was to work with Teach for America in Brooklyn, NY. Matthew once cycled across the US to raise awareness of human trafficking. Matthew is now the Assistant Pastor of Union Church, the oldest church in Hong Kong. Matthew loves Chinese vegetables, running, translating the Greek Bible, his wife Jolene, and his large adopted family in Hong Kong. Join us for this inspiring and exciting conversation!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Life in Hong Kong
  • Reframing servanthood
  • A pastor’s work
  • Counseling and teaching roles
  • Presenting meaning
  • Using influence for the good of others
  • Matthew’s biggest achievement: the cycling trip to raise money for a rescue center for trafficked children in India
  • How Matthew overcame anger issues through the Proverbs of the Bible
  • Matthew’s work to stop human sex trafficking
  • The social justice messages of the Jewish Old Testament prophets
  • Matthew’s biggest challenge: writing
  • Value to the community
  • Matthew’s fascinating work with the homeless in Hong Kong
  • Matthew’s advice to others, based on Psalm 23
  • An overflowing cup
  • In the After Show, we discuss what it means to create a “new story” about yourself.  We also share thoughts about money, gratitude, the abundance mindset, and more!


Links and Resources:

Connect with Matthew:
Find Matthew at the Union Church Hong Kong leadership page.