(Ep. 30) Celebrating Heartbreak with Maria Z

December 13, 2016

Maria Z is a singer, songwriter, and talented powerhouse who has been featured on national TV networks and performed along with some of music’s greatest legends. Her powerful, heartfelt voice is a fusion of soulful pop and R&B. We’re discussing believing in your vision, setting your mindset for success, and more! Join us!

What youll hear in this episode:

  •        Maria’s current project of original material and her other creative efforts
  •        A lifelong passion for music
  •        How social media has helped make more music careers possible
  •        Changing mindset and growth in the music business
  •        How to recover from down days
  •        Planning for accomplishments
  •        Challenges every day, both personally and professionally
  •        Giving back and helping others
  •        Seeing problems as fuel for music and therapy for the soul
  •        Struggles and satisfaction
  •        Make decisions, but keep walking
  •        Maria’s advice: Stay balanced amid the ups and downs
  •        Connect with yourself every day
  •        Gratitude every day
  •        A favorite book: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
  •        Join us for the After Show, where we discuss mindset shifts and possibilities. Why does change sometimes bring fear and moving forward bring a sense of loss? We also talk about making decisions from a place of power . . .and more!


I’ve always been obsessed with music, from the youngest age possible.

Empowerment comes when possibilities open up for you.

In the beginning, you think you deserve it all.

If it was easy, then everybody would be doing it.

Sometimes people make you think that your dream is not possible.

Being great is a lifestyle.

Nothing in the world makes me as happy as music.

I could write a million songs from one breakup.

Every wrong decision still leads you to the right path.

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