(Ep. 13) Leaving Law to Pursue Social Enterprise with Lindsey Frischer

August 16, 2016

After practicing law in NYC for an international law firm for nearly 5 years, Lindsey left the practice and her home to explore the world.  When she resettled in Oakland, CA, she was committed to immersing herself in the community supporting social enterprise. She has since been working as a business development consultant for 2 mission-driven startups (Josephine and Creatives Without Borders) and a nonprofit (Bay Area Green Tours). Part of her job includes policy advocacy, initiating a grassroots effort to reform the CA Retail Food Code to create a more just and inclusive food system. 

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Lindsey’s work in business development with social enterprises and non-profits
  • Branching out: new roles, new community
  • Reforming the California retail food code through her work at Josephine
  • Connecting non-profits with creative resources at Creatives Without Borders
  • What motivates Lindsey? Progress and change
  • Leaving the world of Law for social enterprise
  • Zero regrets!
  • Taking the leap: uncertainty and excitement!
  • Travel, discovery, and perspective
  • The value of human connection
  • Comfort in the uncertainty and adventure
  • Lindsey’s experience with her life coach
  • Finding life’s purpose
  • Coaching as an alternative to therapy
  • Lindsey’s most challenging time? RIGHT NOW!
  • The struggle to define WHO I AM
  • The best version of me
  • Opportunities in unconventional paths
  • How the universe provides
  • Lindsey’s morning routine: ONE positive thing to set the stage for the day

Links and Resources:

Recommended Book:
Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith

Recommended Resource:
“The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk by Brené Brown

Connect with Lindsey:
Find Lindsey on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Lfrische.