(Ep. 50) Create Your Own Rules with Lee Norris

May 2, 2017

Do you feel like since you've been doing something for so long that you can’t do something new? Feel like you can’t transition into a new vocation? Seasoned actor, Lee Norris, shares the value of creating your own rules and advocating for yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. "Don't let anyone put you in a box!" Lee says, and he sure hasn't.

Lee has been an actor for 26 years. He was on the television shows One Tree Hill, Boy Meets World, and the Torklesons and some movies: the Zodiac and Blood Done Sign my Name. Lee is currently transitioning into the business side of the movie world. After 26 years of acting, he is taking the connections and experiences and using them in a new way.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Lee’s transitional period
  • What Lee has learned about himself during this transition
  • Balancing acting and school
  • How life experiences help shape your work ethics
  • Lee’s biggest dream that he was able to achieve
  • How Lee has advocated for himself throughout his life
  • What Lee means by "Create your own rules"
  • A proud moment for Lee
  • The book that has changed Lee’s life
  • Why it's important to not let anyone put you in a box


Links and Resources:

Recommended Books:
Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Connect with Lee:
Lee Norris on Facebook
Lee's podcast: Married With Television