(Ep. 4) Getting Greater Results for a Greater Purpose with Lauren Burgoyne

June 14, 2016

Lauren Burgoyne is a broadcast journalist, TV host, speaker, and writer. Her credits include being the founder of The Greater Purpose Project and the Executive Producer of Greater Purpose Productions.  She has produced multiple shows for television and the web and has worked as an on-air reporter, anchor, and producer at TV stations in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Missouri.  She was also awarded Best Spot News by the Associated Press.  In addition to her work, she loves Fantasy Football, hanging with friends and fam, salsa dancing, hiking, traveling, her cat Bella Puss and being an aspiring yogi. 

Listen to the episode as Lauren shares:

  • Her Jam - the song that gets her pumped!
  • What habits make sure her day starts in a positive way
  • How she uses her gratitude journal daily
  • Find out who Lauren’s “historical crush” is!
  • Why the “crazy ones” get things done
  • The best advice and how she embodies it
  • Why it’s important to have visual reminders about what you are supposed to be doing in the world
  • The 3 options you have when tragedy strikes
  • The people Lauren believes are the true Super Heroes among us
  • The story of Patrick and how it impacted Lauren
  • Why you, yes YOU are so chocolate bar! Yes you are!
  • What has stoked Lauren’s passion at the moment

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