(Ep. 53) There Are No Small Parts with Latisha Di Venuto

May 23, 2017

Do you have a dream? How much would you love to see that dream become a reality? Rapper and singer, Latisha Di Venuto, has had an amazing journey in the pursuit of her acting career, recently landing a role on HBO's Girls. Listen in today, to find out about all the ups, downs and challenges that Latisha's faced, in the process of realizing her dream to become an actor.

After being hospitalized in 2011, due to an unforeseen and life threatening development of Type One Diabetes, Latisha decided to live for her true passions, the Arts and Humanities. She took classes and did auditions and stand up shows and since then, she's become a professional actor, with appearances on HBO's Girls, Orange Is The New Black and Street Behavior.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What Latisha's up to at the moment and what she loves so much about it.
  • What it's been like for Latisha, since the episode of Girls aired.
  • What it was like for her, playing the role of Athena.
  •  Latisha's wonderfully unusual family and her upbringing.
  • Latisha's Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Comedic Rap, called The Worst Token Black Chick Anywhere.
  • What Latisha feels to be the biggest achievement and dream that she's reached so far and what it was like to reach that dream.
  • How things fell into place for her, after she was involved in a theatre scam.
  • How her journey shifted, after Latisha started trusting more and she slowed down a bit.
  • The most significant challenges that Latisha's faced on her journey, both personally and professionally and how she overcame them.
  • Some advice from Latisha to other millennials who are on a path towards fulfillment and success.


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Facebook: www.facebook.com/latishadivenuto
Twitter: @Latisha Di Venuto
Instagram: @Latisha Di Venuto