(Ep. 2.8) Turning Your Pain Into Power with Julia Price

November 21, 2017

Have you ever experienced something so emotionally painful you weren’t sure you could come back from it? We all face our own challenges and our guest this week, Julia Price, is no exception.

Julia is a musician with millions of YouTube views under her belt, was a top-rated Viner, and has been a featured artist on Good Morning America. She also speaks at conferences and workshops in the self-development field motivating audiences to turn their pain into power.

While Julia is currently living her dream life, it wasn’t always that way and, in this episode, she’s talking about what she’s learned from her challenging experiences and how they’ve shaped her perspective and purpose in life.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Julia’s shift from just making music to understanding her deeper purpose
  • The moment in a recording studio that made Julia feel powerless
  • Why new generations of creatives should trust their instincts and be confident more opportunities will come
  • Julia’s viral experience of a little boy standing up for her when she was sexually harassed
  • The importance of having male allies
  • Julia’s advice for others on their own path to finding their purpose
  • How a painful health scare helped Julia realize the power of connecting with other people
  • Julia’s perspective on the challenges millennials face
  • How the death of Vine shifted Julia’s perspective on life
  • Blake and Julia’s freestyle rap

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Julia’s Website

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