(Ep. 49) Follow Your Highest Excitement with Jules Schroeder

April 25, 2017

If you enjoy hearing about super talented, high achievers, listen in to today's show with Blake and Ivy's dynamic guest, Jules Schroeder, a very passionate and wide awake individual and the founder of Unconventional Life, a podcast posted on Forbes Under 30 Channel, which is about millennials who make a living in unconventional ways.

Jules launched two successful businesses before the age of twenty three, at the same time as working as a Digital Marketing Consultant for a number of top companies. On the day of the recording this show, which was International Woman's Day, she was listed as Number One on Inc.com's Top Twenty Seven Business Leaders List. Listen in today and find out about Jules way of redefining what is possible.

Today, Jules talks to Blake and Ivy about:
    •    What she's up to and what she loves about it.
    •    Her relationship with her biggest role model, her dad.
    •    The fatal flaws that people tend not to consider.
    •    Ways to blow the roof off your creativity.
    •    A guide to keeping a balance between being open to possibility and focusing on the necessary.
    •    Her unconventional Castle Town event, coming up in May.
    •    Honoring the truth of the moment, to stay in the flow of things.
    •    Her crazy, near death experience and how it shifted how she views things.
    •    How she woke up and began to examine the purpose of things.
    •    Being willing to strip away her armor.
    •    Giving yourself more space, for the knowing to come through.
    •    Jules's Ninja move to develop your business's fundamentals.
    •    Taking the first step of throwing an idea into the market.
    •    Staying present, moment by moment, to what comes next.
    •    A significant challenge that she's been through, that's changed her.
    •    Leading with her own vulnerability.
    •    How she's developed self compassion.
    •    Living in an era of collaboration, rather than competition.
    •    The value in having a community, even if it's online, as a support system.
    •    Overcoming the millennial's Imposter Syndrome through radical self acceptance.


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Recommended Books:
Choose Yourself by James Altucher

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Jules's podcast: Unconventional Life on iTunes
Jules's podcast website: www.unconventionallifeshow.com