(Ep. 37) Energetic Fitness with John Hankey

January 31, 2017

Our guest today is John Hankey, the founder of Mindful Test Taking. His journey includes a math and economics background, working on Wall Street, and now----mindfulness and life coaching. Specifically, he helps people approach test-taking with mindfulness---and SUCCESS! Join us!

Bio: John is the founder of Mindful Test Taking, which helps students overcome test anxiety by teaching them mindfulness techniques, in person & via videoconference worldwide.  After graduating from Stanford with a degree in mathematics, John traded stock options on Wall Street, where he started practicing mindfulness after work to deal with the stress. John left Manhattan to study economics at Oxford, where his mindfulness practice continued to grow, and by 2010 he had his own life coaching business.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why John helps others with mindfulness techniques for test anxiety
  • The secret to mindfulness: John’s “Reset” technique
  • “The Body Scan” technique for maximum relaxation
  • John’s Oxford experience that led to finding his passion
  • Why tension is the cause of most problems
  • John’s biggest dream? Starting his company
  • John’s gratifying work in helping his students find success in test-taking
  • John’s biggest challenge? Switching from a finance career to holistic health
  • Why John wishes he had followed the mentor/apprentice approach route at first
  • The double benefits of sessions with clients
  • John’s most surprising accomplishment? Moving from Houston to the San Francisco Bay area
  • John’s advice to other millennials? Be ambitious about your health!
  • The dangers of moderation---why it doesn’t pay off
  • Kindness: the ground of the spiritual path
  • A favorite book? The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
  • John’s concept of “energetic fitness”---purifying the toxicity of tension
  • How has being a millennial influenced John’s perspective? He has learned about unwinding the programming and finding the state of ease, flow, and presence
  • What is “non-duality”? Taking ownership of feelings and acceptance
  • In the After Show, we discuss our reactions to energetic fitness, the divine inner nature, and reducing stress.


Links and Resources:

Referenced Book:
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck

Connect with John:
Email John: info@mindfultesttaking.com