(Ep. 34) Overcoming Self-Criticism with Jessy Tomsko

January 10, 2017

Our guest today is Jessy Tomsko, a folk and pop singer and songwriter who is based in NYC, but originally hails from Philadelphia. As a vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, Jessy has a catchy and genuine style and a voice “as smooth as butter.”  Jessy has shared the stage with many well-known artists, and she is a founding member of the NYC pop a cappella group The Lost Keys, of which Blake was a member also. She appears regularly at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. Today’s conversation is about personal development, creating music, and pursuing your dreams and your passion. Join us now!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Jessy’s current project, her new record, Wild and Good
  • Why Jessy loves the research process involved in writing a musical
  • How Jessy is—and always has been---inspired by musical theater
  • Why Jessy looks to the folk opera writer Anais Mitchell—and Hadestown for inspiration
  • Jessy’s biggest dream that she’s accomplished? Making a living making music
  • The positive mindset of success
  • Seeing herself as a businesswoman
  • Realizing the temporary
  • A surprise accomplishment? Co-writing with a playwright from Brazil
  • Jessy’s Teacher of the Year award
  • Advice to other Millennials: “Do not pigeonhole yourself; it cuts you off from fulfilling opportunities.”
  • Learning to prioritize and say NO
  • Try new things; they don’t have to last forever
  • A favorite book that has changed her life’s direction? Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • How Gilbert’s book has changed Jessy: it changed her thinking about herself and has taught her to celebrate little successes
  • Hear Jessy’s song, In February
  • Join us for the After Show, where we discuss Jessy’s persistence and belief in what’s possible and how to have success NOW. We also discuss how we define success for ourselves and how we look at cultural norms.

Links and Resources:

Connect with Jessy:
Jessy's website: www.jessytomskomusic.com
Find Jessy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Recommended Books:
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert