Empowered Millennials who are overcoming challenges and achieving their dreams. 

Dear fellow Millennials:
Is there a dream hidden inside you that you want to make a reality?
Are you looking for a career that is meaningful and exciting to you?
Do you want to use your talent to make a difference in the world?


You find yourself lacking the confidence to pursue your dream?
You are overwhelmed by the amount or difficulty of tasks before you?
You realize it is hard to stay motivated and focused on truly fulfilling your potential?
You are overly hard on yourself for not accomplishing your goals?

Through podcast interviews, coaching, programs, and blog posts Motivational Millennial aims to help you discover and build on your natural passion and skills, while empowering you to understand the mindsets and behaviors that can get in the way of your success and fulfillment. Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a student, or a young professional in a corporate setting, infusing your life with passion and meaning is the key to transforming your reality.

Why do we focus on Millennials?
The Millennial generation, born roughly 1980 to 2000, is the largest, most diverse generation yet, and its members are often highly creative, idealistic, innovative and civic-minded. As Millennials, we value meaningful work, and will do what it takes to find a career that we love and that allows us to lead fulfilling lives. Our generation has the foundational aspirations and values to make a true difference in the world, so let’s not let anything stop us, especially not ourselves.


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