(Ep. 2.22) From Self-Doubt to Self-Worth with Dr. Laymon Hicks

February 27, 2018

Dr. Laymon Hicks is a youth motivational speaker and author. He's offered keynote addresses and workshops at more than 150 schools and student conferences in 45 states for over 350,000 young people. Laymon obtained his bachelor’s and master's degrees from Florida State University where he served as Student Body President; managing a ten-point, three-million-dollar budget. At the age of 29, Laymon graduated with his doctorate degree from Northeastern University.

In this episode, we hear about Laymon’s powerful story of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs that he was able to turn into a deeper understanding of his self-worth, why Laymon feels so compelled to help young people do the same, how others can transfer their self-limiting beliefs to us, what we can do to break from that, and so much more. Enjoy!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The two main topics Laymon covers when speaking to young people
  • What Laymon means when he says we need to neutralize the “weapons of mass destruction”
  • How an email Laymon sent as an 8th grader changed the course of his entire life
  • Why Laymon experienced self-doubt even after receiving his doctorate degree
  • The struggle of not feeling worthy until you accomplish your goals but needing to feel worthy to accomplish them
  • What a tough collegiate political campaign taught Laymon about building relationships
  • Why there is no reason for young people not be successful if they truly want to be
  • How others can transfer their self-limiting beliefs to us
  • The importance of letting young people know their past doesn’t dictate their future

Links and Resources:

Laymon Hicks’ Website
Laymon Hicks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube