Personal Transformation Coaching

Are you struggling to find a sense of purpose? Do you have a dream in mind, but not sure how to start? Are you already pursuing your passion, but can’t seem to continue moving forward?

A co-active coaching relationship will provide you with empowerment and support as you experience the natural ups and downs on your journey toward a fulfilling life. No matter where you are on your path, if you feel stuck or are ready for a change, co-active coaching can help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and take steps in the direction of your dreams. 

Available Packages:

  • Purpose Discovery: This 3-month package is designed to uncover your sense of purpose: what you want out of life and inspires you to take action. Answering "Why am I here and what do I want?" is the first step toward living a fulfilling life.
  • Dream Achievement: This 6-month package is for those who know what they want and are ready to move forward. The goal is to deepen the passion for your dream, while addressing the challenges that may be keeping you from the fulfilling life you deserve.
  • Ongoing: We are delighted to discuss an ongoing coaching relationship addressing these and other areas that are important to you.

Corporate Coaching:

If you have promising Millennial leaders in your company who are interested in personal and professional growth and deepening their passion for their careers, a coaching relationship is a great option. Through co-active coaching, your team members will gain a greater understanding of their values and how to bring their passion into their work. Employees who are fully engaged and fulfilled at work are much more likely to do their best and fulfill their potential every day.

To see if coaching is right for you, setup a FREE 30-minute sample session by CLICKING HERE or contacting

I really valued my session with Ivy! She was equal parts compassionate, a soothing listener and helped elevate me to a more empowered mindset. Grateful to her!
— Rachel K.

Our Coach:

Ivy LaClair, co-founder of Motivational Millennial and co-host of the podcast, is a personal transformation coach trained in the Co-Active Coaching model at the renowned Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA.

Having undergone numerous transformations and overcome significant challenges throughout her life, Ivy has a unique perspective on growth and change. She is passionate about helping people live their most fulfilling lives, and believes whole-heartedly in the power every person has to create a life they love.

Through a coaching relationship with Ivy you will find encouragement, support, accountability, and intuitive care. Her style is both calm and passionate as she is committed to helping you connect with your true self and achieve your goals. You may reach her at

See what people are saying about their experience.

I’ve loved working with Ivy. I leave every session feeling clear-headed in so many unexpected ways, and buoyed by a new sense of what’s possible. She’s a world-class listener, so tuned into her clients and ever-focused on echoing back the essence of their dreams.
— Colleen K.
I’ve been working with Ivy for about half a year now, and she is amazing. She has truly helped grow and empowered me to go after my dreams. She’s a pleasure to talk to: she celebrates my successes, understands my frustrations and helps me reframe roadblocks into obstacles that I can overcome. I’ve had several other coaches before and I can say without a doubt that Ivy is exactly what I need right now to help me overcome my fears and jumpstart the next chapter in my life. I would highly recommend working with her.
— Shuai C.
I am grateful to Ivy for the space that she creates for me to explore my true feelings which helps me uncover my goals and obstacles to achieving them. I see she is kind, insightful and skilled as she is guiding me along my journey to develop my sustainability business.
— Natasha Z.
Ivy is a skilled and attentive coach, with a helpful upbeat attitude, and a nurturing presence. In our coaching sessions she consistently helped me see when my “saboteur” was speaking for me, even in subtle ways. Ivy guided me into shifting my perspective and seeing each situation through the lens of my “captain”, or what I think of as the inner strength that is always present. Sometimes the captain just needs a little wake up call from someone outside of us, and Ivy was just that call.
— Jen L.
Ivy is patient and doesn’t talk down to you when you are learning something new. She helped my unraveled what was going on in my head, like pulling a thread on a sweater. I found my experience with her to be very useful and informative.
— Marty J.
The saying goes ‘everybody needs a friend.’ After working with Ivy for a few months now, I am inclined to say that everybody needs a coach too. Ivy strikes the difficult balance between being your number one cheerleader when you are ridden with doubt and calling your ‘bullshit’ when you are making excuses.

She believes in your potential when you question yourself and dreams big for you when you do not dare to. Yet, she is able to ask inquisitive questions and provide practical guidance.

Our conversations allowed me to consider my life from a new, and I must say unexpected, perspective. I don’t feel lost anymore, I feel like I am in a transformational journey and that makes all the difference in the world.

When I engaged in the coaching process I was mostly curious, maybe even a bit skeptical. I have since been convinced by the ride, and I would definitely recommend Ivy as a co-pilot!
— Amira B.