(Ep. 38) Dropout to Millionaire Success: (Not) By the Book with Chandler Bolt

February 7, 2017

Are you motivated by the success of others? Do you love hearing from entrepreneurs who have made it really big, really fast? If so, listen in today, as Blake and Ivy talk to their dynamic guest, Chandler Bolt, who grew his Self Publishing business from zero to $1,320,000 in just eleven months.

Chandler is the author of six best-selling books, including Book Launch and Published- The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author. He is also the founder and CEO of Self Publishing School, the number one online resource for writing, marketing and publishingyour first book. Three years ago he dropped out of school and then started Self Publishing School about a year later. To date, he has helped thousands of writers to publish their first book and then use that book to grow their income and their business. Self Publishing School made about $2,200,000 last year and they're still growing! This is really exciting for Chandler, as it was a book that started everything for him. Listen in today and find out from Chandler how you can get ahead with your book and with your business.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why Chandler doesn't recommend Business School for entrepreneurs. 
  • Two turning points in his journey- when he dropped out of school and when he wrote his first book, The Productive Person.     
  • What he's done, not by the book, that's been successful for him.   
  • How Chandler built a program that he was sure that people wanted.        
  • How he builds training videos around questions that people ask.      
  • How he's had to grow his personality to achieve his dream.    
  • The phenomenal growth of Chandler's business and the pressure and challenges that created.     
  • How he's adapted to managing employees who are older than him.     
  • His fantastic hook that caught people's attention.     
  • The worst thing that happened and how it drives him to do bigger and better things.    
  • Chandler's advice to other millennials on a journey to success.    
  • That nothing good is accomplished without failure.      
  • The difference between failing and being a failure.
  • The two quotes that he lives by: “Don't take advice from someone you wouldn't gladly swap places with” and “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


Links and Resources:

Referenced Book:
Audio Book - Maximum Confidence by Jack Canfield

Connect with Chandler:
Chandler's website: www.self-publishingschool.com
Check out this great resource: How To Self Publish A Book In 2017