(Ep. 36) What's The Next Domino? with Calvin Wayman

January 24, 2017

If you're looking for the right motivation and support to put yourself or your business 'out there' on social media, or for encouragement to break you away from the limitations of procrastination, join Blake, Ivy and Calvin Wayman, their engaging and charismatic guest on today's show, as they urge you step into your power and be happy.

Calvin is a best selling author, social entrepreneur and key note speaker. He owns a Social Media Management Agency called Cobbes Media, designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses stand out on social media. He has been named as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs, Under 30 and he's also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. He was recently on the Dave Ramsay Show for becoming debt free for the first time in his entire adult life!

Calvin's new book, Fish Out Of Water: The Guide To Achieving Breakthrough And Permanently Transforming Into The New You, has made it's debut on the Amazon Top 100 List. Listen in today and find out how you can break through and achieve fulfillment and success in your life.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How he managed to overcome his shyness around social media.
  • The key things he learned from his mentor.
  • The importance of caring.
  • Why it's so hard to sell to a millennial.
  • His 3 biggest achievements so far.
  • How he grew into the person he is today.
  • The story of his darkest day...and what it taught him.
  • His most significant challenge- and how he overcame it.
  • His advice about how you can step towards BIG challenges.
  • The process of writing his book and how it helped him to face himself.
  • The one thing that helped him to complete writing his book in just a month and a half.
  • His accomplishment that surprised him the most.
  • Calvin’s great advice to other millennials on a journey towards fulfillment and success.
  • How meditation can give you a massive advantage.
  • Calvin's giveaway- a free social media makeover worth over $300!


Links and Resources:

Connect with Calvin:
Calvin's website: www.calvinwayman.com
Find Calvin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat - search for "Calvin Wayman.”
For Calvin's Giveaway: www.socialmediamakeover.org