(Ep. 15) Empowering Under-Heard Communities with Dr. Brittney Cofield-Poole

August 30, 2016

Dr. Brittney M. Cofield-Poole received her Ph.D. in Applied & Social Psychology from North Carolina State University. She is a budding community psychologist who believes the possibilities available to facilitate transformative change are both a humbling and challenging opportunity to uncover new methods of empowerment. She seeks to use her experience in scholarship, civic innovation and creative coalition building as a platform to raise the volume for the voices of the 'under-heard'. Through her online media platform, Brilliant & Brown, her ultimate goal is to curate and craft poignant as well as positive representations of progress through digital storytelling.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Brittney’s goal: to work with and for communities of color to empower them for change in positive ways
  • Brilliant & Brown facebook page: its inception
  • Media and social media—sharing deep, heavy stories and not much SUNSHINE!
  • How Brittney decided to balance conflicting emotions and community psychology
  • Using social media as a tool to UPLIFT
  • Brilliant & Brown showcases civic innovations in communities of color with economic challenges
  • Brittney’s emphasis on positive values
  • How artists from diverse backgrounds can use their talents to help
  • Brittney’s vision for B&B in the future as a diverse media hub
  • The biggest challenge? Trying to find online places doing similar work
  • How Brittney stays motivated with natural fire, stubbornness, will, and determination
  • The importance of a support system
  • Brittney’s dissertation on digital literacy and digital inclusion
  • Brittney’s advice: “Don’t be discouraged by not having it all figured out. Just get started.”
  • How Brittney finds peace in creative work
  • A favorite quote from Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
  • Why we need to think about the under-heard people
  • Why people feel the need to be LOUDER
  • Current events in light of social media technology
  • Listen in for the After Show, where Blake and Ivy discuss their favorite takeaways, including overcoming struggle, shattering paradigms, and creating change in the world. Ivy also shares her unique travel experiences after graduating from college!

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Brilliant & Brown on Facebook
Email Brittney: brilliantandbrown@gmail.com