The Power of Acceptance

On our journey to living fulfilling lives, we will hit roadblocks or moments of discontent and frustration. I can think of many of these moments I have experienced since leaving my job and starting down an entrepreneurial path two years ago. The first roadblock that comes to mind occurred while I prepared for my move from Arkansas to the San Francisco Bay Area to start my journey.

As I browsed the internet for available housing in the area, it became clear that the cost of living was drastically higher than where I currently lived, and I definitely had a momentary freak out. (Who wouldn’t when a 1,100 sq ft apartment in Fayetteville costs $650 a month, but one in Berkeley is closer to $3,500?!)

I’ll tell you what saved me from debilitating doubts: Acceptance.

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Worry Is Not Productive

Why do we feel like worrying about something makes us better prepared for it?

As a student, I used to worry all the time about tests.

As an adult, I worry about work and finances.

As a perfectionist, I worry about all of the things I’m not doing perfectly.

Something about the worry feels productive.  Somewhere along the line, I think I internalized a story that says, “If you care about something, you worry about it.”

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