(Ep. 28) Time Management Duo-Tangs and Naming Everything with Blake Fly

November 29, 2016

Blake is a huge fan of The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, is heavily lactose intolerant and his favourite movie is admittedly The Notebook.

Blake is a 7-time Tedx speaker and is the author of “The Campus Life Guide.” He is the Co-Creator of My Life Online, which is a global program that teaches kids to be safe, smart and kind online.

He also likes to dabble in outside the box community builders as a way to shake up his hometown city of Toronto through unexpected flashmobs and live music inside subway cars.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The four things that fill Blake’s schedule right now: being a solo professional speaker, My Life Online program, Thank You initiatives, and the High Five Run
  • Putting “mind maps” into practice
  • “What would you do with 500 extra hours each year?”
  • Blake’s addiction to ideas
  • Focusing on a few ideas by scheduling time blocks and having an accountability partner
  • Blake’s partnership with Dave Anderson
  • FOMO and learning to say NO
  • Blake’s defining moment, courtesy of his friend Elan and his idea about a coaching program
  • Blake’s Studio 360 and Laying Down the Tracks in four specific areas
  • Taking ownership over your time
  • Tracking every hour and being aware of time
  • Blake’s advice to other Millennials: “Have an entourage, a circle, a tribe, or a community.”
  • The importance of “naming” things
  • Why Blake’s ideal day begins with listing 20 things in a gratitude journal
  • A favorite quote: “You can never make the right decisions; you can only make decisions and then make them right.”
  • “Being a Millennial means getting what you want out of life, having it all, doing it all, from an abundance mindset.”
  • Join us for the After Show, where we discuss the power of “naming” things and how it relates to accountability. We also ponder Blake’s question of how to spend an extra 500 hours.

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