(Ep. 11) Art Can Take You Anywhere in the World with ami kim

August 2, 2016

ami kim is an international songwriter, vocalist, producer/composer and educator. She has performed with 9th Wonder, Chrisette Michelle, Citizen Cope, Wyclef Jean, Raekwon,  Macy Gray, and in concerts in over 400 venues and nationally & internationally. ami received a hip-hop Ambassadorship in Bangladesh in 2014 and a fellowship with international music incubator OneBeat sponsored by the U.S. State Department  in 2015.
Her most recent music project, “Dragons in Gardens” focuses on equality, environmental sustainability, and human rights and will be a further work of love, light, unity, and global music artivism.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why ami is living and teaching in Korea
  • ami is passionate about collaborating, traveling, giving, teaching, and MUSIC!
  • Sonic Alchemy: What in the world is it?
  • How ami merged her early spiritual awareness with her love of music
  • Performing and songwriting---then worked for the US State Department??
  • ami’s experiences with students in Bangladesh and the world of hip-hop
  • How ami has grown through her experiences with other cultures
  • The “Love Currency” and its many forms
  • How music resonates, touches, and heals people
  • The responsibilities of artists in society
  • Follow your fire!
  • Not problems, but opportunities!
  • Unconditionally BELIEVE in yourself; you’ll attract others who support you
  • Invest in yourself, keep your vision, and be BULLHEADED!
  • ami’s words to share:
    • Read The Alchemist
    • CHOOSE to be happy
    • Live in your beautiful NOW
  • ami’s beautiful, great, NOW morning routine: being still, yoga breathing, water, and gratitude
  • A favorite quote, from Gandhi: “Be the change in the world that you want to see.”
  • Change starts within
  • Embodying light and love: How do we do it?
  • Join us for the After Show, when we discuss choosing happiness, focusing on positive thoughts, gratitude, buffers, and MORE!


Links and Resources:

Recommended Book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Connect with ami:
Find ami on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.
Find ami’s project Dragons in Gardens on SoundCloud.