(Ep. 20) Turning Your Creative Passion Into a Business with Adam Rosendahl

October 4, 2016

Adam Rosendahl is a creative facilitator, event producer and DJ based in Oakland, CA. In 2012 he founded LATE NITE ART, LLC, an international creative events organization that drives innovation and builds community inside of companies and universities around the world. Since then, he’s been on a creative rampage: leading over 100+ LNA events in 5 countries, with over 4,500 participants. He firmly believes that engaging the imagination is the key to changing our culture.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Adam, the lifelong artist
  • How he always wanted to get people together to DO ART
  • How Late Night Art works
  • How Late Night Art became a business
  • Adam’s key moment: discovering his sense of purpose in 2014
  • How Late Night Art brings empathy in a new way
  • How Late Night Art has changed over the years
  • Confidence as a facilitator
  • Blending passions for art and music
  • A web of relationships that have helped
  • Making high-level decisions
  • Working with schools, companies, government agencies, and foreign countries
  • Adam’s advice: maintain relationships and connections that are REAL
  • Adam’s public events, parties, and conferences coming up
  • On the After Show, we discuss the impact of relationships on Adam’s journey and career. We talk about how we foster and grow healthy, positive relationships in our lives, especially when that ability doesn’t come naturally. Learning to connect is a lifelong process.

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