(Ep. 2.37)  A Bittersweet Farewell - Series Finale with Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes

October 30, 2018

We’re back for the final episode of the Motivational Millennial podcast. Yes, it’s true … it’s time to say goodbye.

If you’ve been a listener of the show for a while now, it’s very clear that we believe in a growth mindset. It’s because of this belief that we feel it’s time to end our Motivational Millennial journey and begin new ones.

This was a bittersweet episode to record because we’ll miss this podcast, the inspiring interviewees, and our amazing listeners, however, we’re incredibly excited about the directions we’re heading with our careers and personal lives.

Take a listen to this farewell episode so we can express our gratitude for the love you’ve shown us over the life of this podcast and find out what we’ll be up to next and how we can continue to support you.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Our gratitude for the listeners, interviewees, and everyone who’s participated in the podcast in any way over the years

  • An announcement about Ivy’s new project, the Mind Climate podcast

  • What’s next for Blake in his motivational speaking journey

  • Details on where you can listen to all our previous episodes of Motivational Millennial from this point forward

  • Blake’s biggest takeaway from doing Motivational Millennial

  • Ivy’s favorite moments of the Motivational Millennial podcast

  • Ivy’s wishes for you, the listener, as you move forward in your life

  • How you can continue to stay in touch with Blake and Ivy


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