(Ep. 2.24) Turning Your Pain into Your Purpose with Daniela Plattner

March 13, 2018

Daniela Plattner is a leadership coach and the founder of The Future of Feminine. She's dedicated to helping individuals, communities, and organizations maximize their capacity to achieve their goals. Her retreats, trainings, workshops, and interactive talks have activated people around the world including leaders of diverse organizations, Fortune 100 companies, universities, municipalities, festivals, and conferences at the United Nations and U.S. Congress.

In this episode, Daniela explains how her intuition led her to leaving what appeared to be a dream job and starting a business of her own, why she considers her insecurities to be her fuel, and how she believes our pain can be turned into our purpose. Enjoy!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Daniela’s two favorite things about her business
  • How The Future of Feminine was started
  • Why the world needs more feminine leaders
  • The technique Daniela uses to refine her intuition
  • The story of how Daniela’s intuition led her to leaving what appeared to be a dream job
  • How Daniela’s grown and transformed throughout the journey of her business
  • The common challenges Daniela’s sees the women she coaches face
  • Why Daniela considers her insecurities to be her fuel
  • How combining your pain with your passion equals your purpose

Links and Resources:

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