(Ep. 2.10) Using Vulnerability to Combat Social Injustice with Anna Nti-Asare

December 5, 2017

Anna Nti-Asare is a writer, teacher, counselor, a graduate of both Stanford and Cambridge, and is on the road to obtaining a PhD at Cambridge as well! Anna focuses her efforts on gender and race issues in the United States with an emphasis on how those issues relate to the country’s youth and pop culture.

In this episode, Anna opens up about her own struggles in her educational journey and personal life and how she feels it’s important to look past a resume and see all the times a person wasn’t able to achieve their goals because, only when doing that, can others learn their failures aren’t actually failures at all.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The type of guidance Anna provides a counselor to recent high school graduates
  • The elements of Anna’s personal journey that resonate the most with her students
  • How Anna’s resilience helped her receive a Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • The importance of talking about the times we don’t get what we want out of life
  • How Anna keeps a narrative going with her students about self-worth as it relates to gender and race
  • How Anna convinced a highly traditional university to let her continue her research and work around black feminism
  • The profound reasons behind what having a PhD means to Anna
  • How Anna’s international travels in her younger years helped shaped her views on social justice
  • The importance of shifting our numbness to social injustice displayed on social media to letting be a motivation for change

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