(Ep. 32) Ivy Has Very Long Arms: 2016 Reflections on Self-Love and Embracing Change with Blake Brandes and Ivy LaClair

December 27, 2016

For this final episode of 2016, we’re shaking things up a bit. Instead of interviewing a guest, we are focusing on reflection---on the change, growth, and transformation we have experienced during this last year. Join us as we look inward at ourselves!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • It has to start with the big G: Gratitude
  • How Ivy’s coach training has shifted her perspective on the world, herself, and relationships
  • Being comfortable with ourselves (even when you have super-long arms!)
  • Leaving fear, shame, and judgment behind
  • Give the gift of empowerment to yourself!
  • Trying new things, both big and small
  • Dealing with the fear of change
  • Developing an internal space of calm and confidence
  • Needing less external certainty because of internal confidence
  • Release the brutal perfectionism
  • Blake’s hope for 2017: “being more consistently the person I want to be”
  • Ivy’s hope for 2017: “I want to continue on this path of joy, self-love, and being happy for the success of others.”
  • Why even small transformations can be important and cumulative
  • What are WE celebrating at the end of 2016?
  • Blake: “resilience, hope, creativity, and vulnerability”
  • Ivy: “hanging out with my best friend, doing awesome shows, new clarity, and connecting with wonderful people”
  • As we end this year, what are YOU grateful for? What do YOU want to create in 2017?